Kashmir – Beyond the Valley

A Look at daily life of the place I call my home

They say, Kashmir is paradise on earth. 

But I have experienced the 
beauty of this place woven in contradictions. 

What appears to be 
beautiful goes hand in hand with harsh realities. 

They lay hidden among the fallen leaves, as the landscape of the valley is wrapped in a thick blanket of December snow, masking the ups and downs, beautiful and heavenly.

There are too many masks people wear over here as the seasons change or as the announcements in our radio sets change - the masks change. 

These radio announcements have a very deep impact on what we do or where we might go next morning. 

In this series I try to take us to look through the prism I have seen this place what I call my home changing, evolving, transforming and many times falling apart. 

The inhabitants have been mannered to break their sleep and walk away from their half seen dreams. 


We always seek the ones, who disappeared in thin air

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