Forever in Darkness: Kashmir and the ever-rising Internet Shutdowns

Publication: The London Story (The Netherlands)

This Kashmir-based organization makes its case for journalism and activism working together

Publication: International Journalists’ Network (US)

Gathering Visual Evidence

A guide to master the art of collecting visual evidence during research. Useful for researchers, activists, journalists.

Publication: Tactical Tech Berlin (Germany)

As free journalism disappears from Kashmir, its stories remain buried

An article on the free press in Kashmir post abrogation of Article 370 by the Indian government.

Publication: Free speech Collective (India)

Portrait by Reporters Without Borders, Berlin

A video portrait by RSF on the work I do in Kashmir

Publication: Reporter Ohne Grenzen (Germany)

Kashmir Human Shield

Video story about the using a Kashmiri man as human shield by the Indian army.

Publication: Aljazeera English (AJ+)

Could the Administration have waited to hold Kashmir Elections

Write up on the Kashmir floods of 2014.

Publication: Huffington Post, India

Community Journalists in Kashmir – a conflict zone

A piece about the work community media activists do in Kashmir

Publication: Contributoria (United Kingdom)

Press Freedom must be preserved in Kashmir, for the ‘unheard’ deserve a voice

A personal narrative about the harassment done by the state to journalists in Kashmir

Publication: Free Press Kashmir, Srinagar Kashmir

Kashmir’s Sonne Meani stream

Piece on water and environment

Publication: The Kashmir Walla, Srinagar Kashmir

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